My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Three

Today’s Favorite Wooly Thing is not so wooly. It’s more alpaca-y.

What’s not to like about alpacas? They’re adorable. They’re gentle. Their fiber is fire resistant according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s test specifications.

Oh, and best of all—their fiber is soft. So soft. Kitten soft. And since I’m allergic to cats but not alpacas, I can actually make stuff out of alpaca fiber!



Without further ado, today’s Favorite Wooly Alpaca-y thing is Classic Elite Yarn’s Chalet yarn. This is a chunky weight yarn that’s fantastic for quick knit projects. It’s a blend of 70% alpaca and 30% bamboo so it’s very soft and has a beautiful drape.

And while I’m introducing awesome alpaca new-ness, I should also mention Chalet has an equally attractive twin called Chateau. This is the same alpaca/bamboo fiber but in vibrant colors. Chateau’s moss color is wonderful—I want to keep it all but I will share!

Grab either Chalet or Chateau (or both!) on sale today only!

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