My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Five

For Day Five of My Favorite Wooly Things Event, I thought I would introduce something especially wooly!

What do you think of when you think of New Zealand? Beautiful green landscapes? Orcs and hobbits?

I think of beautiful, soft merino wool.

Allow me to introduce my friend, Kenzie. Kenzie is Hikoo’s wonderful worsted weight yarn that holds a deep ocean of secrets.

Well, it’s not actually that mysterious. Kenzie starts out with soft and bouncy 50% New Zealand merino and 25% nylon for added durability. So far, so good in my book.

But here’s where Kenzie takes an interesting turn. Let’s add in a little alpaca for some additional softness. And how about some angora, which adds a subtle halo without muddying your stitches? And let’s top things off with a smidgen (the technical term) of silk noils to create a gorgeous tweed effect.

This yarn is a pleasure to work with and it will turn into some of your favorite to wear garments and accessories.











For example, check out the beautiful Something Cardig

an by Natalie Larson


Something Cardigan Made with Hikoo Kenzie - Available at Creative EweSomething Cardigan Made with Hikoo Kenzie - Available at Creative Ewe

Or how about the modern Moebius Cowl by Cat Bordhi (which is a free pattern with purchase of Kenzie!):

Moebius Cowl made with Hikoo Kenzie - Available at Creative Ewe

If you like tweed as much as I do, I think you’ll be besties with Kenzie too!

Grab Kenzie on sale today only during Creative Ewe's My Favorite Wooly Things event!

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