My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Six

My Favorite Wooly Things – Day 6

It’s the half way point for My Favorite Wooly Things. You’ll have a ball with today’s featured item.

Actually, you’ll have more of a bowl with today’s item: Furls’ handcrafted yarn bowls. Furls Crochet Bowls available at Creative Ewe

These yarn bowls are handcrafted from lovely Acacia wood. Each bowl has its own character with shifting patterns in the wood grain.

They are incredibly durable as well—I’m a bit of a klutz and when my wood bowl has fallen to the ground, the bowl it remains in one piece. So the bowl keeps itself safe while it also protects your precious yarn from crumbs and pet hair (at least that’s what it’s protecting my yarn from)!

Furls also stands behind their product 100%. In fact, should anything happen to your bowl in the future, Furls will replace it free of charge. That’s right—this bowl comes with a lifetime warranty.

Beautiful and strong—the Furls Yarn Bowl is a fiber arts superhero!

Grab your yarn bowl at 10% of today only as part of Creative Ewe’s My Favorite Wooly Things event!

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