My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Nine

You’ll get the point with today’s Favorite Wooly Thing—Hiya Hiya needles!

In a word, I think Hiya Hiya needles are Grrrrrrrrr-eat. What else can I say about these needles without sounding more like Tony the Tiger?

    The cables are strong but still enormously flexible. The points are terrific. The joins don’t get in the way—they just let stitches do their thing.

      Their double point needles are also fantastic and I personally own so many sets of them I’ve lost count at this point.

      And the interchangeable needle sets! This is what one of my favorite knitting teachers, Patty Lyons, has written about them:

      “I love them. I love them. I mean, like, I would marry them if it was legal, love them.”

      The interchangeable cords are just as fantastic as Hiya Hiya’s circular needles and they haveHiya Hiya Circular Needles available at Creative Ewe an extra trick up their sleeve: they swivel! They are absolutely a perfect needle for magic loop.

      Hiya Hiya’s interchangeable sets also come in many different flavors so that you can find a perfect match: Do you want sharp lace tips in a 4” needle? Done. Do want smooth bamboo tips in a 5” needle? You got it.

      And their cable stoppers are cute little pandas. Pandas!

      So I think you got the point by now—I love these needles too!

      You can grab all Hiya Hiya products on sale today only!

      PS…What’s with all the exclamation points today?!

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