My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Eight

If you’ve ever heard me talk about gauge swatches, then you know that I’m a little persnickety about them. (By the way, persnickety is a fun word to say!)

And by persnickety, I mean, you should be making gauge swatches whenever the item you are knitting or crocheting is fitted (blankets, scarves, and amigurumi are exempt). But I digest…

I bring up gauge swatches because I think blocking is an equally important step in the knitting or crochet process. And today’s Favorite Wooly Thing is a handy tool that will help speed up your blocking process:

Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers.

 Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers available at Creative Ewe!

These are handy tools that combine several blocking pins in a row and capped with a plastic tab. Instead of pinning dozens of individual pins into your finished object, you’ll only need to use a set of these blockers.

In addition to saving time, they also keep tension more even so that the sweaters, shawls, and scarves you’ve spent so much time on don’t have farshtunken, uneven edges.

Each set comes with two different size blockers: 12 blockers with 8 pins and 8 with 4 pins.

You can grab a set of Knitter’s Pride handy-dandy Knit Blockers on sale today only!

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