A delicious drink with a funny name...

I love Halloween. A lot. So I wanted to share a Halloween-y sounding drink for October's Happy Hour signature drink.

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Ten

It’s the last day of My Favorite Wooly Things! Can you believe it? You’ve seen kitten soft alpaca yarn that you’ll want to keep around just to pet. You’ve seen yummy smelling lotion bars that you’ll want to sniff. Excellent crochet hooks. Awesome knitting needles. And yes, there was even some wonderful wool yarn!

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Nine

You’ll get the point with today’s Favorite Wooly Thing—Hiya Hiya needles! In a word, I think Hiya Hiya needles are Grrrrrrrrr-eat. What else can I say about these needles without sounding more like Tony the Tiger?

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Eight

If you’ve ever heard me talk about gauge swatches, then you know that I’m a little persnickety about them. (By the way, persnickety is a fun word to say!) And by persnickety, I mean, you should be making gauge swatches whenever the item you are knitting or crocheting is fitted (blankets, scarves, and amigurumi are exempt). But I digest…

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Seven

Fiber fun time is in the bag with today’s Favorite Wooly Thing. In fact, it is a bag! Today’s item is particularly special to me because it’s Creative Ewe’s first officially branded product: the Creative Ewe project bag!

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Six

It’s the half way point for My Favorite Wooly Things. You’ll have a ball with today’s featured item. Actually, you’ll have more of a bowl with today’s item: Furls’ handcrafted yarn bowls.

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Five

For Day Five of My Favorite Wooly Things Event, I thought I would introduce something especially wooly! What do you think of when you think of New Zealand? Beautiful green landscapes? Orcs and hobbits?

My Favorite Wooly Things – Day Four

I think you’re going to get hooked on today’s Favorite Wooly Thing: the wonderful, comfortable-to-use Clover Amour crochet hooks.

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Three

Today’s Favorite Wooly Thing is not so wooly. It’s more alpaca-y. What’s not to like about alpacas? They’re adorable. They’re gentle. Their fiber is fire resistant according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s test specifications.

My Favorite Wooly Things - Day Two

Today’s Favorite Wooly Thing is actually two things: the fantastic, California-made project bags and needle roll cases from Ambatalia!

My Favorite Wooly Things – Day One

It’s Monday! Please pardon my enthusiasm on a Monday morning but today is the first day of My Favorite Wooly Things! The first item I’d like to share with everyone comes all the way from Rhode Island. It’s handmade from something sheep-y but it’s not wool.

What goes well with yarn and friends?

A little booze! Our signature cocktail for this month’s Happy Hour events is the French 75. Named after the French 75mm field gun, this is serious firepower for your next round of knitting! It’s a delicious blend of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and topped with some fizzy champagne.