Ambatalia Bento Bag

$ 18.00

Brand Ambatalia

Ambatalia bento bags are an ingenious way to carry your knitting or crochet projects! This bag is like a bucket with two points that tie together. Place your yarn and assorted fiber goodies and just  tie the points either once for easy access or twice to secure contents. You can then carry your project just by holding the knot. 

These bags are made in California from an organic cotton/hemp fabric or unprocessed natural linen.

They are available in three convenient sizes and in several classic fabrics. Keep a couple handy for your next projects!

Small bento measures 10" X 3" 9.5" height.
Medium bento measures 10.5" X 5" 10" height
Large bento measures 13.25" X 7" 16" height.

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