Black Tie Affair Opera

$ 25.00

Black Tie Affair yarn is all about affordable luxury. Our first yarn under this brand is called Opera - a two-ply lace weight yarn that features a blend of 50% superwash merino, 30% cashmere, and 20% silk. The high silk content insures that lace projects made in this yarn will be durable and blockable - something that we think is very important in intricate projects like lace shawls. 

When planning the yarn, we also took into account that many lace patterns these days are striped or feature contrast edging. We didn't like the idea that you'd have to buy 800 yards of lace to be able to use a little bit at a time, so decided to make our hanks smaller and less expensive (so if you want lace handwarmers or a cowl, you won't need to figure out what to do with the yardage you don't use!) Our hanks come in 50g sizes of 400 yards, making them ideal for smaller projects but still affordable for larger ones.

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