Creative Ewe Supply Crochet Hooks

$ 2.50

Our line of Creative Ewe Supply tools and accessories was created to give you the best baaah-gains for your dollars! Creative Ewe Supply Crochet Hooks will provide you with a quality hooking experience that costs less than a price of coffee from that mermaid-adorned coffehouse.  

Made from solid aluminum, these crochet hooks can handle whatever project you throw at them and they will provide you years of crafting. You'll also love their lightweight design, durability, and how they quickly warm in your hand. 

Each size is thoughtfully color-coded so you know which hook you're reaching for without looking at the label. Speaking of labels, the metric size of each hook is embossed on the handle so it will never smear, fade, or erase. 

Creative Ewe Supply Crochet Hooks are available in sizes US B(2.0mm) to US N/P(10mm). 

Also available in a gift set!



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