Creative Ewe Transformer Totes

$ 40.00

Meet our new Creative Ewe Transformer Tote--the bag that can keep up with any size knitting or crochet project! This bag has a clever zipper around the middle that will allow you to expand your tote to an even more spacious bag.

But this talented tote isn't done yet! Hidden on the bottom are retractable wheels so you can wheel it like a trolley if it gets too heavy. Perfect to take to shows and shopping trips.

Our tote is made from a durable nylon fabric that is water- and tear-resistant and very easy to clean. It's also fully lined with ripstop fabric so if a needle does manage to poke through, the hole won't continue to grow. The handles are made from strong cotton belting that can securely withstand the weight from any yarn shopping spree! 

Tote dimensions: 25" (with handles) x 15" x 5"

Expanded tote dimensions: 30" (with handles) x 15" x 5"

Tote with wheels: 34" (with handles) x 15" x 5"

Made from imported and domestic materials. Assembled by us!

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