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Lace Fix-a-Stitch Dropped Stitch Tool

$ 15.00

Have you ever been knitting with a beautiful lace-weight yarn only to have one or two stitches drop off your needles, leaving a gossamer mess? Would you like a simple but helpful tool to fix dropped stitches in a jiffy?

Then Lace Fix-a-Stitch is for you!

Much like its larger sibling, Lace Fix-a-Stitch is a patented tool featuring two hooks on each side. This allows you to fix all types of stitches from the front of the work--even garter! Constructed of bright, durable plastic, this set features two different size Lace Fix-a-Stitch tools that can handle anything from lace to fingering weight yarns.

And there are many more uses for Lace Fix-a-Stitch! You can use it as a cable needle that will make sure to keep those stitches on the tool.

You can create faux seams by twisting stitches with the tool.

You can use it to pick up stitches and bind off too. You'll wonder how you lived without it!

Three sizes included. Regular Fix-a-Stitch also available.

4" long.

Made in USA.

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