Intro to Machine Knitting (FlexEd)

$ 40.00

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If you're interested in getting started with machine knitting, this is the class for you!

This introductory course features all of the basics of machine knitting. Working with a Silver Reed LK-150, you'll learn how to cast on for a project, knitting stockinette stitch, basic increases/decreases, and binding off. 

You'll also learn how to knit stripes on a machine including how to weave your ends in without a darning needle! 

Throughout the course, you'll find tips and tricks on combining machine knitting with your hand knitting (find out how to use your machine as the most awesome lifeline ever!). 

Due to the nature of machine knitting, this class is only offered as a private one-on-one FlexEd course. 

Most students learn the basics of machine knitting in 2-3 sessions. 

Get ready to say goodbye to your yarn stash as you finish your knitting projects in a fraction of the time! 

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