Round 'n Round Christmas Stocking Crate Kit

This classic stocking will help you rock around the Christmas tree in three different ways! Knit a fun striped stocking, a single color stocking with a cable motif, or a stocking with fun bobbles. The choice is yours! After working this project, you won’t be afraid of circular knitting, short rows, or casting on socks with fingering-weight yarn and tiny needles! Choose up to 3 different colors for your kit; we will ship 50 grams of each color you select (150 g total) The model was knit with Pearl's Choice DK in Ewe No. 1 (Ecru), Ewe No. 73 (Green) and Ewe No. 82 (Red). To create your bundle, select your color from the drop-down menu. Use the (+) and (-) to enter in the number of skeins you would like of that color. Then, click the "Add" button to add to your bundle. If your bundle has multiple colors, repeat these steps until you have selected all desired colors.